Archeological Museum of Agrigento

Archeological  Museum of Agrigento - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Kouros of Akragas

The Valley of Temples

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

Valley of Temples Goats

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

Concordia Temple

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Medieval Town

The Medieval Town - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Cathedral

The Medieval Town - Agrigentoguidedtours

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Valley of Temples and Kolymbetra Garden

Valley of Temples and Kolymbetra Garden - Agrigentoguidedtours

This tour lasts 3 hours.
It combines  the archaelogical visit of the Valley of Temples as mentioned below with a naturalistic itinerary: the Kolymbetra garden. Kolymbetra was the ancient basin in which flowed into the  underground acqueducts (hypogeums) of the greek city. Today the land is almost totally dry even if occupying the ground of an ancient fluvial valley. It is but extremely fertile and protected from wind. So its special microclimate has allowed the recreation, in its site, of a "Garden". This word indicates in sicilian and arabic a plantation of citrus trees and vegetables. You will see collected there all the main species of mediterrenean trees, fruits and plants.You will also see ancient arabic irrigation technics. It is a really green and peaceful oasis with an intact landscape.
The Kolymbetra Garden is just at the very end of the Valley of Temples. Its visit needs to add just one hour  at the basic tour of Temples. Its particular position but, at the bottom of a small valley, makes this tour not suitable for people with walking difficulties.

Valley of Temples and Agrigento City: lights and shadows

Valley of Temples and Agrigento City: lights and shadows - Agrigentoguidedtours

This tour lasts up to 7 hours.
It starts in the morning with the visit of the Valley of Temples and of the Archaelogical Museum (or the Kolymbetra Garden). In the afternoon we'll go in town (about 3 Km away from the Valley of Temples) to discover what most tourists ignore: the treasures of Agrigento's old city. The town occupies today the site of the ancient greeek Akropolis. Its plan and architectures sum up 25 centuries of historical events and architectonical styles. The most remarkable monuments are represented by the medieval complex (church, chapel, convent) of Santo Spirito ( XIII )and San Lorenzo church (XVIII).Both churches contain rare treasures: the stuccos of Giacomo Serpotta (XVIII), a major artist of Sicily and a supreme sculptor whose achievements have remained unequaled. Highly worthwhile is the visit of the imposing norman Cathedral (XI) and that of Santa Maria dei Greci (XIII). This church was built on a doric greek temple and its foundations are still visible beneath. Most of these monuments are to be find along via Atenea, heart and meeting point of the city. Barock and Neoclassical façades are overlooking the medieval street that is today the best place for shopping or to taste the best ice cream and almond pastry in town.

This tour will let you meet the real face of Agrigento: a city coping with the major problem of nord african immigration, illegal building,need for restoration and hydrogeological risk.

This tour is not suitable for people with walking difficulties.