Archeological Museum of Agrigento

Archeological  Museum of Agrigento - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Kouros of Akragas

The Valley of Temples

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

Valley of Temples Goats

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

Juno Temple

The Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Medieval Town

The Medieval Town - Agrigentoguidedtours

The Monastery of Santo Spirito

The Medieval Town - Agrigentoguidedtours

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Prices: 90,00 euro up to 2 hours; 120,00 euro up to 4 hours; 180,00 euro up to 7 hours.

Valley of Temples

Valley of Temples - Agrigentoguidedtours

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This is a walking tour and lasts max 2 hours.You will visit the best representative part of the Valley of Temples: Hera, Concordia and Herakles Temples that are the best preserved ones, plus the remains of the Olympian Zeus Temple (the biggest in western Greece). From afar you will see and be informed about three more temples: Castor and Pollux, Aesculapius and Hephaestus temples. On the way between Temples are visible the imposing remains of the greek city wall and hundreds of tombs (of different typologies) belonging to the "city of dead", the early Christian and Byzantine necropolis.

The total distance to walk is 1,500 mt (almost one mile). The way is plain and the level easy.

Valley of Temples by Night

Valley of Temples by Night - Agrigentoguidedtours

This is a night tour of the Temples. It is enjoyble but just in summertime, when the Archaelogical Park of Agrigento stays open to visitors until 10,00 pm.

The tour consists in a walk on the main hill to visit the three best preserved greek Temples in Agrigento: Hera, Concordia and Herakles. It lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Paths are enlightened for your safety and Temples look magnificent under magistral lightening. The chiaroscuro between coloumns makes them outstanding and evocative; the air scents with all the perfumes of sicilian country in the night and you will enjoy your tour more because walking in the night cool.

More than a tour this will be an experience and probably the highlight of your journey to Sicily!


Valley of Temples and Archeological Museum

Valley of Temples and Archeological Museum - Agrigentoguidedtours
This tour can last from 3 to 4 hours. It is basically a walking tour but, if you like, can include a short drive to reach the museum that is 1 Km away from the Temples.
The tour includes the visit of the Valley of Temples like mentioned above plus the visit of the Archaelogical Museum. This is condidered one of the best in Europe because closely tied to its territory and modernly displayed.
The Museum owns a superbe attic and italiot ceramic collection; the original gigantic statue of Atlas from the Olympian Zeus Temple; a couple of marble greek statues (the Ephebus and the Dying Warrior 480 B.C.). Furthermore a considerable collection of finds from every sector of the ancient city (political agorà, necropolises, houses, sanctuaries) will give you a more complete insight of the life of people in the greek and roman antiquity.
This is an easy level tour, suitable for everybody.

Valley of Temples and Kolymbetra Garden

Valley of Temples and Kolymbetra Garden - Agrigentoguidedtours

This tour lasts 3 hours.
It combines  the archaelogical visit of the Valley of Temples as mentioned below with a naturalistic itinerary: the Kolymbetra garden. Kolymbetra was the ancient basin in which flowed into the  underground acqueducts (hypogeums) of the greek city. Today the land is almost totally dry even if occupying the ground of an ancient fluvial valley. It is but extremely fertile and protected from wind. So its special microclimate has allowed the recreation, in its site, of a "Garden". This word indicates in sicilian and arabic a plantation of citrus trees and vegetables. You will see collected there all the main species of mediterrenean trees, fruits and plants.You will also see ancient arabic irrigation technics. It is a really green and peaceful oasis with an intact landscape.
The Kolymbetra Garden is just at the very end of the Valley of Temples. Its visit needs to add just one hour  at the basic tour of Temples. Its particular position but, at the bottom of a small valley, makes this tour not suitable for people with walking difficulties.